Coordinator of the project is ASOCIACION DE DESARROLLO RURAL ESTEPA SIERRA SUR from Spain.
Consortium comprises five more partners from Cyprus, Sweden, Italy and Poland.

Coordinator: Asociación de Desarrollo Rural Estepa Sierra Sur – SPAIN

The Association for Rural Development Estepa Sierra Sur is a non-profit association constituted in July 2000. Its board of directors and its general assembly is composed of members coming for the public and private sectors, this allows different sectors to work together and make joint decisions about the future of the region Estepa-Sierra Sur (Andalusia – Spain).


P1: SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Ltd – CYPRUS

Based in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, SYNTHESIS is a learning events provider and a centre for the development of social entrepreneurship. Our offices are in the United Nations Buffer Zone in Nicosia. Its learning events aim to inspire and empower learners, young or adult, who are at risk of social exclusion. It is implementing training programs for people with
disadvantages or disabilities, including people with hearing impairment. Since 2003, we have had a European presence and participated in a number of educational and research projects on personal development, social inclusion and entrepreneurship. Among others, we have developed and managed the pioneering project “SHE” (Social skills and healthier self-esteem) enabling women to build healthier self-esteem through their participation in social learning circles. We have also participated in “Peer Education – A Pan European Programme,” a programme on mentorship for people facing difficulties in entering the labour market; our beneficiaries have been people with hearing impairments.


P2: Europeiskt Teckenspråkscenter – SWEDEN

The NGO, European Sign Language Centre, started in 2009 and developed, the largest sign language dictionary on the Internet. The work is international and the office headquarters in Sweden holds webmaster/programmer, coordinator, linguist, PR, production leader and production team. All are experts in their field of work and support the other countries that are joined to Spread the sign. was nominated as best practice 2010 by the Commission.


P3: Fondazione IKAROS – ITALY

Fondazione Ikaros is a certified VET and provider, operating in the fields of Initial Vocational Training, Higher Education, Lifelong Learning and Job services in the provinces of Bergamo and Milan; its nucleus dates back to 1972. IKAROS has actually 1500 initial vocational training students (secondary education), 200 higher education students, it trains over 2000 adults every year, accompanied more than 1000 people in the labour market and supported over 300 children and adults with disadvantage. Since 2011 all our students and teachers have been using iPad during the lessons and during the Lab activities. Ikaros received an Excellence Label from Lombardy Region being active in the provision of a wide range of training initiatives, some of these targeted at specific groups i.e. early school leavers, NEET or disadvantaged groups. Ikaros developed an important expertise in the field of teaching and learning with ICT, as well as in formal/informal skills development and competences certifications through ECVET system, being involved in several European projects concerning these issues.


P4: Szczecińska Szkoła Wyższa COLLEGIUM BALTICUM – POLAND

SZCZECIŃSKA SZKOŁA WYŻSZA COLLEGIUM BALTICUM founded in 2000 is continuously ranked as one of the best private universities in northern Poland. Collegium Balticum is characterised by great human capital and huge development potential. School authorities have managed to build an institution that gives its students a solid education and thus a great start to their professional life. Its objective is to provide young people with knowledge comprising many fields so that they can receive an interdisciplinary education providing them with a better chance in the difficult labour market both in Poland and internationally.
Within its faculties, students can choose educational science (pedagogy) where courses on sociology and psychology are provided. This includes work with people at risk of social exclusion.


P5: Amber International SRL – ITALY

Amber International Srl is a Training and Consulting company specialized in managerial, social and educational sciences. It was founded in 2001 by a pool of Managers with previous professional experiences in large managerial consultancy enterprises. Amber International Srl offers its experience in Added-value Solutions Development by applying innovative methodologies in the following domains: Training and Education, Evaluation, Validation of informal and non-formal learning, Human Resources Consulting, Development of (ICT-) training and Education models.
At EU level, Amber International Srl has participated to several project implemented together with Chambers of Commerce, Universities, Public bodies and other public/private sectors key players providing technical and methodological support in the design and implementation of Training and Education programs, mixed seminars, GOPP focus groups, VET market analysis, in and awareness raising/negotiation events with participatory approaches.