Open Learning to Sign Language (OPEN) is Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation EU project. The aim of the project is to facilitate communication among D/deaf people from different countries and thus their mobility by learning elements of other sign languages and English language.
As EU Member States manifest an increasing need for people who can communicate in multiple languages, D/deaf people shall have full access to language education in order to foster contact with cultural diversity and eliminate communication barriers. ICT tools and E-learning can help D/deaf learners to facilitate their access to new learning opportunities.
The aim of OPEN is also to design, implement and test a language learning platform for D/deaf people. The OPEN Multi-language platform is an educational tool for learning the English language in combination with 6 different sign languages/systems. The OPEN Multi-language platform, designed and implemented by sign language and language education experts, will provide European signers with a new tool with video courses in:

– English
– International Sign (IS)
– Italian Sign Language (LIS)
– Polish Sign Language (PJM)
– Greek Sign Language (GSL)
– Swedish Sign Language (STS)
– Spanish Sign Language (LSE)

Videos will be subtitled and structured in units where different ‘everyday life’ situations will be reproduced in order to provide access to the most useful words and expressions. All units will be divided by level of proficiency according to the CEFR which has been recently adopted by most of EU sign languages as well.

General Objectives:
– Eliminate communication barriers and foster the learning of foreign language for D/deaf people.
– Make the learning of other languages and cultural diversity available to D/deaf people through ICT, the methodology of e-learning.
– Ensuring equal opportunities for D/deaf people for the participation in training activities of this kind.

Specific Objectives:
– Designing a language learning tool for D/deaf people.

Target groups:
D/deaf people; Sign Language Teachers; International/national/regional Deaf Associations.

Product / result:
– N°1 e-learning educational package for learning the English language in combination with the 6 sign languages/systems.
– N°2 transferable methodology that can be used with other sign languages.

– Development of the overall teaching methodology
– Implementation of the OPEN platform
– Production of the e-learning contents and materials
– Pilot testing of the platform
– Monitoring and evaluation of the activities